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A Message from Dr Jo Newton

Over the last couple of weeks I have received lots of good wishes, cards and gifts from the patients of Wells City Practice. I am overwhelmed by your generosity and although I am looking forward to retirement I must say that it has been a pleasure and a privilege to care for the residents of Wells for the last 20 years.


Practice News

As some of you will be aware Dr Jo Newton is retiring at the end of this month. She will be greatly missed by her colleagues and patients alike. We are also saying a temporary “goodbye” to Dr Michaela Murray who starts her maternity leave in April and we have managed to persuade Dr Tristan Martin to come out of retirement to help cover her absence.

With these changes in GPs also comes the need to balance the GP list sizes. Most of Dr Newton’s patients will be transferred over to Dr Murray, but some of them will need to be divided between the other GPs in the practice so that there is a fair distribution of work. This will not affect our patients being able to see their GP of choice so please bear with us whilst we carry out this task, which will be after the end of March. We will keep you updated on these changes as they happen.


Covid Vaccination

Please support us by not calling about Covid-19 vaccinations

Don't worry if you haven't heard from us yet, we will be in touch directly to arrange your vaccination appointment when the time is right.

Thank you.


National Covid-19 vaccination programme - Update

We know that everyone is eager to find out when they will get their Covid vaccination and that this is an anxious time. The NHS is working very hard to invite people who are eligible to have their vaccination, as quickly as possible, and in Somerset, a third of all adults have already been vaccinated.

NEW - People who are aged over 60 can now book their appointment directly with the national booking service online, or by calling 119. You don’t need to wait to be contacted by the surgery.

The groups currently being prioritised for a coronavirus vaccine are:

  • Residents and staff of care homes for older adults
  • Anyone aged 60 and over
  • Frontline health and social care workers, and adult unpaid carers
  • Any adult identified as clinically vulnerable to complications following Covid-19 infection, including those on the GP Learning Disability Register

If you are aged between 65-69 (priority group five), we urge you to use the national booking service to book your appointment as soon as you receive a letter from the NHS – please don’t delay.

If you are aged between 16 and 64 (priority group six), with specific underlying health conditions that increase your risk of serious illness, you will be contacted by the GP primary care network team to invite you to your appointment, as soon as we possibly can.

You can really help to support the local vaccination programme and our surgery by:

  • Attending all booked vaccination appointments at exactly the right time you’re asked to
  • Unless you are in the groups being invited now, please don’t contact the surgery to seek a vaccine, you will be contacted by the NHS  when it is the right time;
  • and whether you have had your vaccine or not, please continue to follow all the guidance in place to control the virus and save lives.  

For more information on eligibility, visit the JCVI.

For frequently asked questions and the latest information on the Somerset vaccination programme please visit Somerset NHS vaccination programme

Thank you for your continuing support and patience.


Germ Defence - Advice to help protect your home from COVID-19

A research study with 20,000 people found:

People who read the advice in Germ Defence are less likely to catch viruses

If they do become ill, the illness is likely to be less severe

It only takes 10 minutes to complete, please click the link below.

Germ Defence Study


Public Health England Vitamin D Supplies and prescribed Medication

In response to the announcement that public health England will be supplying many extremely vulnerable people with Vitamin D tablets to reduce the risk of deficiency over the winter, the Prescribers at surgeries in West Mendip Primary Care Network would like to share the following advice:

If you are currently prescribed Calcium and Vitamin D tablets, or vitamin D tablets, continue to take these. You do not need to take any additional supplements supplied by Public health England, as long as your tablets contain at least 400units (10mcg Vitamin D)- all prescribed ones should contain these levels.

If you buy vitamin D over the counter, you can continue to take these, or take the nationally supplied ones, as long as the ones you have are at least 400units (10mcg).

You are safe to take vitamin D tablets with most prescribed medication- however if you are taking Digoxin you may need extra monitoring- please contact your GP.

If you develop any unusual symptoms after starting Vitamin D and are taking other medication, please contact your prescriber, though we expect this to be very rare.

If you accidentally take both prescribed vitamin D and public health England supplied vitamin D, there are likely to be no ill effects, however you can discuss this with your community pharmacy and they can check the amounts you have taken.


If you have recently had a hospital appointment delayed:

We were sorry to hear that your hospital appointment has been delayed. Covid restrictions mean that most people are having to wait longer for their outpatient appointments, tests and operations. All our referrals are graded by the relevant consultant team. We have no say about when the consultants allocate their appointments which is based on their judgement of the urgency of the clinical need.

Many patients are contacting us asking for letters to be sent to help speed up their appointment. You will see that this is something we are unable to do for the reasons explained above.

However, if you think your symptoms have changed and your need is now urgent, do please write a letter or email detailing why you think so which we can forward to the relevant specialist team. The more detail you include the better.

If you are very concerned then do please get in touch with us for an appointment which, under current NHS regulations, will be a phone call or other remote consultation in the first instance but which can be face-to-face if needs be.


Wells Coronavirus Network

The community of Wells has come together to support those who are facing difficulties due to the current emergency.   If you need help with the following:

  • Shopping for Food or Supplies
  • Collecting Medicines or Prescriptions
  • Companionship Call

Our website is at and you can email at


Stay Well Somerset

The NHS is still here for you

It's safe to visit your GP Practice, but please call us first or go online.




Other News and Information

Flu Clinics

We still have vaccinations available for all eligible patients. 

We are now able to offer these appointments to the following patients:

  • All people aged 65 and over 
  • Those in at risk Groups, with some medical conditions including diabetes, COPD, heart failure and asthma
  • People who were required to shield from coronavirus and anyone they live with
  • Pregnant women
  • Health and care staff (and other carers group)
  • People aged 50 to 64

If you fall into any of the above categories then please telephone reception for an appointment on 01749 601333.

Please note that you should not arrive early for your appointment and wherever possible you should come alone. You may need to queue,  possibly outside and there will be limited seating available. You should not attend if you are showing any symptoms of Covid, or if you are isolating due to contact with a potential or actual Covid case. You will need to wear a face covering when you attend unless there is a confirmed reason why you can’t, in which case you will be provided with a face shield.

We have a new vaccine available for those patients aged between 18 and 64. If you would like more information about this before you come for your vaccination please follow this link.

Flublok Patient Information Leaflet  


Additional GPs to join the practice

We are delighted to announce that as of September 7th 2020, we have 2 new, additional GPs joining the team at Wells City Practice. 

Dr Michaela Murray will be joining us as a GP Partner and will be doing 6 clinical sessions at the practice (this equates to 3 whole days). Michaela has been a Salaried GP for several years, most recently at Chew Medical Practice. She will bring many skills to the practice, in particular, expertise in fitting Long Acting Reversible Contraception devices such as the coil and implant. Michaela is looking forward to joining our Partnership and we are thrilled to have her as a new GP Partner.

Dr Helen Bowers is currently a Salaried GP at a practice in Weston and will be joining us as a 5 session Salaried doctor (this equates to 2 1/2 days). Helen is also a very experienced GP and will be an excellent addition to our team. She too is looking forward to joining us and will have much to add to the skill mix here at Wells City Practice.

With an ever increasing patient list size and the numerous, on going challenges that we all face in the NHS, we feel this exciting development is happening at the right time and will allow us to continue to further improve and develop our services to our patients.


Get the

Improved Access at Glastonbury, Street and Wells

The Surgeries of Glastonbury, Street and Wells will be jointly providing improved access to our combined list of 52,000 patients.

Each Surgery will be providing:

  • Extended hours from 6.30pm to 8pm on selected week-nights
  • Saturday mornings opening from 8am to 10am in rotation

The appointments available will be a mixture of GP, Nurse Practitioner and Practice Nurse.   Some routine procedures, currently undertaken during the week, will also be moved to Saturday mornings.

Five practices offering improved accessImproved Access


Health Connections Mendip

Health Connections Mendip is a new health and wellbeing service available to patients. Patients can talk to a health connector at the surgery to find out about local activities, support and services Health Connections MendipHealth Connections Mendip available, and can also arrange one-to-one appointments to speak to a Connector. During these appointments a Health Connector will listen to your health story and assist you with setting health-related goals which are meaningful to you. Health Connectors also support you to make positive changes that last. You can also access the service by telephone on 01373 468 368, email at or visit us at:
Health Connections Mendip page
Mendip Directory of Services


Click below to watch a documentary about Health Connections Mendip:


Somerset Survivors

Do you want to talk to someone about domestic abuse?

Contact the Somerset Domestic Abuse Support helpline: 0800 69 49 999

Further information can be found on the Somerset Survivors website.


Somerset Choices

Local services and information to help you choose the right care and support.  Visit the Somerset Choices website.

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