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We are unable to take prescription requests over the phone. This decision has been made by the GP's in the interest of patient safety and to prevent our phonelines being overwhelmed.

Due to the increase in demand and the current pressures on the Health Service, our turnaround for prescriptions in 5 working days.

Your options to order your prescriptions are:

We have a dedicated email address for ordering prescriptions somicb.wellscitypractice.prescriptions@nhs.net

You can also use the PatientAccess app to order prescriptions - please ask at reception for a formm to access this service.

If you have PatientAccess but don't use the app you can follow this link which will take you to the website


At the Surgery
Put your request in the letterbox at the front entrance or if you are attending for an appointment you can hand it to one of the reception team.

At your local pharmacy

Most pharmacies offer a repeat prescription service for ordering your regular medication. Pop in and see them to find out more but please be aware that you will not be able to telephone your request through to them.

Ordering Your Prescriptions

Please order repeat prescriptions by one of the following methods (in order of preference):

1) By placing your counterfoil marked with your requirements in the post box at the front of the building.

2) By posting your counterfoil marked with your requirements to the surgery with a stamped addressed envelope for us to post the prescription back to you if it is not going directly to a pharmacy.

4) By emailing your request to the surgery using our dedicated email address somicb.wellscitypractice.prescriptions@nhs.net

5) You can now order your Repeat Prescriptions on-line.

Prescriptions requested to collect from the surgery will be ready for collection five working days after placing your order.

Prescriptions requested to go to a pharmacy may take longer. you will need to contact the pharmacy for further details.

Please ensure you give us the name and the strength of the medication you require along with the dosage. These details are shown on your prescription counterfoil.

Prescriptions can be collected by the local chemists where patients have made previous arrangements. Please contact your chemist for further details.

Repeat prescriptions are generated by computer with a side slip for you to keep, listing your medication. Please reserve this for ordering your repeat prescription a few days before you need further supplies.

If there are any unusual requests, please explain these fully on the form, to avoid any delays.

There are blank prescription request forms held in the foyer outside reception for completion, for any other prescription requests.